Non-Product Factors That Directly Affect Customer Purchase Decisions in Australia

Non-Product Factors That Directly Affect Customer Purchase Decisions in Australia

Usually, entrepreneurs try to figure out why customers opt to choose their products over their competitors. In many cases, thinking about what makes your customers come for the smart watch and Apple products sold in your stores and not other competitors is crucial. Therefore, you need to understand some non-product factors that directly influence the decisions of customers to purchase in Australia.

Your brand name does a lot of magic. The way the brand name of your electronic shop sounds, the more it will attract many customers. For instance, if you are selling Sony TVs or led TV, the name of your store should be able to portray an eye-catchy name to evoke strong imagery for your buyers to purchase more televisions in your store.

How you choose to package your Ipad and iPhone goods in your stores also a non-product factor influencing your customer. It would be wise to spend considerable time and effort perfecting the packaging to grab the attention of many customers as well as to positively impact their buying decisions.

At this time and era, word of mouth is crucial to promoting and maintaining an excellent reputation due to the developments in social media. Since most customers do not consider the seller messages as before, they prefer getting referrals from people who have already purchased your Samsung phones or steam mop. Therefore, to influence your customer’s decision, develop a positive brand reputation.

Also, pricing of your electronic equipment such as computer monitors dramatically affects the customer purchasing decision. It would be best if you determine how the price is crucial to your target market and make the necessary steps.

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